The Memon Association of South Africa was founded in 1965, when a student requiring financial assistance approached a businessman and his associates. The Association collected five hundred rand in its first year. Alhumdullilah, more than 3.85 million rand has been distributed for education this past year.

Despite difficult economic times and the ever-increasing cost of living, our donors have remained steadfast in increasing their contributions annually. Since our inception, we have assisted one thousand seven hundred students.We are currently providing financial assistance to 210 students for 2013.

Although tertiary education is our primary activity, we also assist other organizations that require funding for special assignments. In 2007, we provided medical equipment for the in-patient ward in Nishtara Lodge. We assisted SANZAF in building classrooms for the Igugulethu school in Orange Farm. In 2009, we donated one hundred and forty-four thousand rand to the Universal Islamic Cultural trust for school fees for their indigenous students. We have also been involved in projects with Gift of the Givers through the years.



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Our vision

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for one day…

Memon Association of South Africa